I’m a travel junky and have lived all over the world. My career started in South Africa where I became a full time model and started assisting various photographers and videographers as I have always loved anything that can capture a moment that will last forever.

Being a model, photographer and videographer I have the ability to judge what is possible and achievable in a day from both sides of the camera. With 13 years of experience I can happily say that I’m up for any challenge that is thrown at me.

I consider myself a hard worker, creative, passionate and spontaneous person, that can easily work with others which makes me a definite team player.

I’m based in Haarlem, The Netherlands, but I have done shoots in South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Mauritius, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, The UK, The US and Germany.